Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The idea for this project came up while talking to an artist friend of mine, Helena Barbosa. As we were discussing about different types of mushrooms we started imagining this little world where mushrooms were everywhere and among them a living one as the main character of our story. The initial concept for this world was basically the character sitting and chilling in another mushroom enjoying his drink, as you can see in the PROCESS OF MAGIE D'OR image, but as I started to develop the project in 3D I decided to do some changes to make it more interesting and more mysterious, in some way, to create more background story.

You can see the final result below, it was a really fun project and full of challenges to work on, looking forward to do more projects as challenging as this one to help me improve and make me a better 3D artist.

Criticism is more than welcome, Thank you in advance.

FINAL IMAGE, Click in the image to see it full size. 

PROCESS OF MAGIE D'OR, concept drawing by Helena Barbosa. 


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