Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Learning Rhino

For the past few weeks I've been learning Rhino, and I must say that is one of the best and fastest tools to learn when it comes to 3D creation and more specifically product creation, taking into account that the learner has experience with 3D creation already. As it is a very peculiar tool when it comes to the process of making, where we have to take into account some factors in 3Ds max that in Rhino are completely absent whereas there's some factors that we have to take into account in Rhino that we don't have to in software like 3Ds max.

On the course of the past weeks I explored the software and the diverse tools, at the same time making some tests and other times making complete modeling of a product of some sort, that way of learning gave me opportunity to learn faster as I was making complex shapes in the first three days of starting with Rhino.

Bellow are some of the works that I did in the past weeks for learning purposes, made as I was exploring the multitude of tools and the different ways of modeling in Rhino.




Skycraper - 01

Skycraper - 02

Those images came up as ideas and shapes that I wanted to create, I found that Rhino gave me the opportunity to work faster and at the same time gave me the possibility to iterate more as the work is being done. I look forward to work more with Rhino and create new things.

Thanks for watching.


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