Software: 3ds max, v-ray, unity3d, photoshop, illustrator, after effects

About: VoltCity is a touch based game about managing power, it was made for the Electricity Museum of Madeira (Casa da Luz) by myself the artist and designer, and by Kushal Ponnam the programmer of the game.

Scene Viewport-01

Scene Viewport-02


Morning Layers


Afternoon Layers


Night Layers

City day/night Cycle GIF
Solar day/night Cycle GIF
Hydro day/night Cycle GIF
Eolic day/night Cycle GIF
Thermal day/night Cycle GIF
Waste day/night Cycle GIF

Game World day/night Cycle

User Interface

User Interface + World-Day

User Interface + World-Night

VoltCity on Hardware - 01

VoltCity on Hardware - 02

VoltCity Gameplay on Hardware

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